Chen Lin founded Shulin Architectural Design in Hangzhou in 2015. The firm is a small design agency with about ten people focusing on architecture and interiors. It takes rural studies, Chinese gardens, traditional culture, and art aesthetics as its source of thought. Independently do practical projects and architecture-related research.
The renovation and renewal project is the type of projects that the firm is currently exposed to most, and most of them are in the countryside. Therefore, the village is a starting point for the firm and will also be the firm's long-term base. Of course, urban renewal creative projects and interior space creation are also the research direction of the firm. The firm insists on starting from small projects, paying attention to rural tectonics, typology, respecting the authenticity of construction and the locality of materials, studying nature and architecture, the relationship between people and the environment, the new and the old, and constantly Explore new fields of architecture in practice.


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