Helena Casanova, is a senior architect, urban planner, landscape architect, curator, project manager and director of Casanova+Hernandez, firm that was founded by her and by Jesus Hernandez Mayor in 2001 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Helena has extensive international experience with the design of cultural networks in the city, based on a careful interdisciplinary research-analysis solid basis, as well as with the design of landscape projects, urban spaces and master plans where a conscious careful relation between architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, art and urban planning is essential. She works frequently with experts in different disciplines such as sociologists, art curators, ecologists and engineers.

Since 2002, Helena has been involved in academic activities and has been invited as guest lecturer or as guest professor in very different cultural contexts, not only in Europe, but also in Asia, Australia and in the Middle East. Among others, she has been teaching intermittently since 2002 in TU Delft and other Dutch schools of architecture. She has also been invited as a guest professor at the Berlage Insitute, the University of Shenzhen and the Lebanese American University.

In 2011 she founded, together with Jesus Hernandez Mayor, C+H Think-Tank due to the fact that her office was often involved in very complex projects in different cultural contexts, where physical aspects were only one of the factors to be taken into account for an innovative design proposal. In order to get a better insight into those cultural contexts, CHA decided to open this think-tank to be able to professionally analyze local relevant socio-political, historical and financial issues. The findings of this think-tank research are regularly applied to the design process of each of CHA's projects, enriching them significantly.

In 2018 she has established a new branch of Casanova+Hernandez in Albania in order to operate in the Balkans area.

Together with her partner, Jesus Hernandez Mayor, she has been awarded internationally for her work in different continents and has spread this work via lectures, debates, exhibitions and publications throughout Canada Europe, US, South America, Australia and Asia.

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Architectural design
Strategic thinking especially focused on cultural projects and strategies to regenerate the public space
Landscape architecture: Parks and public space design
Urban development counselor
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Urban design
Museographic projects
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University of Architecture (1997, ETSAM). Madrid, Spain


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