She is the founder of Koushk Architects since 2012. Born in Kashan, graduated from the Islamic Azad University of Natanz in 2008 in architecture associate’s degree, graduated for Bachelor's degree from Dehkhoda University in 2015, and studying for Master’s degree at Deylaman Institute for Higher Education. Meanwhile, she has been the assistant of PhD. Morteza Sedigh since 2011 and has been working as an apprentice for DPLG. Siavash Teimuri since 2015.
She also has the experience of authoring three books titled “Borun va Ghal”, “Tapeshe Panjereha” and “Maks va Khial”, and the publication of her works has been honored to receive the “Manouchehr Mozayeni” Book biennial prize. Between the years 2015 and 2018, she organized exhibitions of her sketch artworks, and has been teaching architecture in a self-administered way since 2014 and since 2018, she has become an invited professor for University of Qom Architecture Department.



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