SAEED SHENAKHTEH is a Persian architecture for architecture, interior and product design. My portfolio comprisesa broad range of projects. In the past ten years i have worked on my own, interior design, housing projects and redevelopments.

I is convinced of the need to treat interior design, architecture and surrounding urban landscape as mutually interactive parts of any design solution.I have worked both on a freelance basis and in collaboration with many architectural office.

As a design architect, i is familiar with all stages of architectural design, through residential, office building,commercial, and urban design projects, but is more experienced in concept and idea generation, research, design development and coordination with different experts of design and .I architectural profession is not limited to design alone. MY broad approach not only encompasses projects of differing scale and content,but also building technology, management and cost control. This means we pursue to take responsibility for the entire design and building process.

construction.Additionally Through my coursework I have acquired a great deal of knowledge and a sturdy foundation in 3Ds Max, Photoshop and VRAY 3.0, as well as other software. I have had the opportunity to continue in the development of my skills, which has allowed me to be diverse in my ability as a 3D artist .

The connection between design, technique and management means that the architect is continuously involved. In MY opinion this is necessary in order to ensure quality of each individual building as well as the broader built environment.


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