life-architecture / WAC Presents Exclusive Documentary On The International Building Exhibition Berlin

WAC's new episode shows how the IBA, which has led important urban projects since the 1980s, has commissioned prominent architects to design public housing or housing blocks in the 1920s German tradition of building fairs. The commissioned names included Peter Eisenman, Vittorio Gregotti, Herman Hertzberger, Hans Hollein, Arata Isozaki, Rob Krier, Aldo Rossi and James Stirling

A 20-minute video covers Rob Krier’s Ritterstrasse project (1981, Aldo Rossi’s Residential Building Wilhelmstrasse 36-38 (1987), OMA's Checkpoint Charlie Apartments (1980-1990), Oswald Mathias Ungers' Apartments at Lützowplatz (1979- 1983) which was demolished in 2013.