There is a requirement for a construction of an innovative museum-laboratory for a long time in the ancient Russian town on the Volga. This requirement, which quite possible to consider as the social order became even more actual current year, in a view of city millennium (because Yaroslavl, as archeologists believe, has been based in 1010). Necessity for formation of new museum spaces into historical city centre is caused also by transfer of the museum buildings to the Russian orthodox church. However, there is one more reason which is represented as far more global. Unfortunately, the current state of museum business, the form of exposition organization and material representation at whole do not correspond to museum`s standards which are accepted in the European Union countries and the USA. A museum in Russia today is a trample place for teenagers and child, who are driven here usually by school teachers (which themselves have vague idea about sense of action).
If we add provinciality, snobbery, almost universal inadequacy, incompetence and the obscurantism of many museum “inspectors” to this circumstance we will receive an unattractive picture of an average russian museum.
To understand, why people ignore visiting such place it is enough simply to visit any museum.
So, I decided to bring something new to this business.