The main philosophy underpinning my proposal was “Context” and “Earthworks as Art “. Utilising the topography of the site to my advantage, terraces were placed in organic shapes; enfolding the reservoir. The terraces will be constructed and supported by using gabions (metal baskets filled with local stone), which will form the backbone as well as mold the canvas for the natural vegetation to swathe the visual impact of the reservoir.
The scale, functionality and sustainability of the park were enhanced by promoting access to the terraces. Vernacular gravel pathways traverse the terraces, leading the user to viewpoints and other points of interest, creating a whole new experience for the local users.
At night the terraces will be lit up from below with a soft light, outlining the sculpted landscape to create a visual landmark for the surrounding area.



R 2 000 000.00

Element Consulting Engineers
Habitat Landscape Architects
GNEC Environmental Consultants