The state-of-the-art Fruit and Vegetable Market, Mohali is the first such market not only in Punjab but in the entire North India. It is constructed on a plot of 12 acres in Sector-65, Mohali. The site of the market becomes part of the 20-acre development scheme comprising general shopping area and offices. The layout plan of the market incorporates a fully covered market besides the general facilities like, cold store/ ripening chamber, garbage collection and disposal, workers canteen, water works, air-conditioning plant etc. Provision has been made for adequate parking for all types of vehicles coming to the market. Separate entries and exits have been planned for segregation of different types of commuters for instance, the wholesalers and retailers have separate ingress and egress to the market.

The T-shaped main market block comprises mainly three wings. The larger flange of the T accommodates 34 wholesale shops. These shops are double storied and each shop has a size of 16-0”x38-0”. A 3-metre wide unloading platform has been provided on the outside of the shops that is towards the parking lot. On the inner side, a 40-feet deep display platform has been provided in front of each shop. Two rows of display platform on both sides together with 30 feet wide circulation spine in between has been covered from top in the form of an atrium.

Out of the two smaller flanges of the T, one on the front side accommodates retail market. The fully enclosed and centrally air-conditioned retail market comprises 84 small shops of
15’-0”x10’-0”. Besides, there are 11 larger shops of 16-0”x38-0”. The other smaller flange has been planned as farmers market or “Apni Mandi” as it is popularly known. After the grand success of weekly Apni Mandi in various sectors of the city this componant has been added in this modern market. The farmers will bring their produce directly to this place and sell it to the consumers, thus eliminating the middle man. This model is beneficial both to the farmers and consumers. The Apni Mandi is fully covered from top but open on the sides. It accommodates 234 raised platforms of 6x8 size each. These platforms shall be allocated temporarily to the famers to display their produce and sell it to the consumers directly. These platform and 10 feet wide circulation arteries in between have been planned in a Cartesian pattern for easy movement.

Sandwiched between the Apni Mandi and Retail Market is a partially double storied block which houses the common facilities, like offices, canteen, bank, police control room, first-aid room etc. This block is easily accessible from all the wings of the market.

The entire structure of the market has been designed in hi-tensile, pre-engineered steel – popularly known as PEB structure. Considering the large covered area with huge spans, this option was considered most viable. As is commonly known, PEB structure is fast to construct, easy to construct has more precision and economical also. The entire roof and partial facades are clad in powder-coated profiled steel sheets which are maintenance free and durable. The 30-feet wide circulation spine has polycarbonate sheet roofing to get well illuminated interiors. The air-conditioned retail market is covered from top and sides by 100 mm thick puffed panels. These panels are most effective for thermal insulation.




Sanyam Bahga