The Green School creates a sustainable campus straddling both sides of the Ayung River in Sibang Kaja, Bali. The campus is situated in a lush jungle with native plants and trees along with sustainable organic gardens. The campus is powered by a number of alternative energy sources including bamboo sawdust hot water and cooking system and a hydro-powered vortex generator and solar panels. Campus buildings include: classrooms, gym, assembly spaces, classrooms, faculty housing, offices, cafes, and bathrooms. On the Green School campus are a range of inspiring architecturally significant spaces from large multi-storey communal spaces to much smaller classroom spaces. Bamboo is a local sustainable material used in innovative and experimental ways demonstrating its architectural possibilities. Design work is collaborations with other Architects.



Owner: John Hardy
Architect : Aldo Landwehr, Cheong Yew Kuan, Effan Adhiwira, Miya Winter Baxton, Philip Beck and Yulianto Maliang
Project Manager : I ketut Indra Saputra