Cabeça do Coelho is a place situated in the Várzea village, a few kilometres from Santarém city. Despite the proximity of an urban center, this landscape is characterized by a little urban and a rural lifestyle. The spring is the place where the nearest village, with buildings scattered with an almost peripheral city with a sense of community, the village itself, but that are lost with the citys proximity and the transfer of these productive to urban centers.
The idea part of the topographical analysis, after searching for the most favorable point to a visual axis to the landscape and better sun exposure, the subject has to propose to integrate and adapt to the terrain, four quadrants were created in different plans heights, where a quadrant is at the highest level (level m +1), two other quadrants are an intermediate elevation (plan 0m) and the last quadrant is the lowest level (level-1m).
The object results from these different times, causing different heights and slopes of the right foot, turns out to be a large overhang, giving a sense of an element to be born of the soil, this will be a covered area for parking of vehicles, avoiding a new building for this purpose. The opening of two voids in the volume will allow the entry of sunlight and an outdoor experience more intimate.
The solar orientation of the buildings and the mass approximation of the road built for access to land, principles themselves as generators of idealized experience, freeing the area of lower elevation, the source for the implementation of an orchard.


primitive studio/rui silva martins


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