SPACEAREA 51 is a techno-romantic Hill tower as centre of a Megacity.
It’s transforms natural and social energy into activity and communication.

By stacking and twisting the various platforms new different kinds of topographical outer and inner space develop.
Complex modules build a space for human activities and natural resources in a vertical building as a hilly region.
Terraced aero dynamic platforms for living, work, shopping, health, leisure, culture, entertainment, and energy production, also landscape areas with forest, farming and rain water reservoir. One to eight levels in outside and inside areas as a vertical garden for living with green landscape to produce fresh air and fresh water in an urban city.

The focal point consists a vertical development- and supply centre. On the top level a geodesic dome (in memory of Buckminster Fuller and his visionary ideas, especially spaceship earth) finishes the building with triangle tubes that rise to the sky.
Five fingers as light tubes, technical tubes and wind turbines for fresh air, air climatic and electric energy production, also tubes for sky walks. The green skyscraper is planned as a plus energy building.

In the middle of an endless urban sprawl the techno-romantic Hill tower creates a new urban centre instead of a commanding-post of modern bureaucracy.

“So green, so luxuriant in the distance” 01/2010


The dimension of the city version is 355 meter length, 145 meter wide, 360 meter high to the top level and 500 meter to the top has different space areas (bubbles) in dimensions between 355 – 138 meters length, between 145 – 56 meters wide and between 41 – 9 meters high which have all the functions inside for a independent infrastructure.

The facade of the single space construction is hyper-efficient and aero-dynamic, materials from carbon fibre, VIPs, Phase Change Material (PCM), steel structure as triangle system to glazing systems with acryl glass and slim solar panels.

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architect ludger huettenmueller


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