The reasoning:

The collection, screening and subsequent re-transmission of the news is an intense, continuous and collective process which we consider, should be housed in spaces correspondingly live, flowing and transparent, but at the same time, organised and controlled.

It is apparent that the core of the activity of the Cyprus News Agency (C.N.A.), the Newsroom, will function in a centrally weighed manner, it will be the reference point, the agora of the community of users, the place where, everything that takes place in the country as well as the rest of the world, will come alive.

Based on this line of reasoning, the configuration of the project begins by shaping the Newsroom in such a way that it acquires characteristics that can give it liveliness, the feeling of a continuous flow and transparency. The target is to give it a status that defines the uniqueness of the building.

The idea:

A normal static shape is activated, reformed and formatted acquiring a distinctive shape, and its own unique character, as the core of the organisation - the Newsroom.

It is surrounded by compact mass, which includes the remaining offices of the C.N.A.. In order for the Newsroom to appear and project its liveliness and continuous activity, it opens up the compact mass, creating several voids.

A porous layer (network) embraces the whole building to give it consistency and, just like skin, protects it from external conditions.


Architect: Eleftheria Serghidou, Vasilis Pashiourtides

Structural engineering: Nicos Kalathas, George Demetriades

Mech./Electr. Engineering: Giannos Zempylas, Marios Agrotis

Photografer: Eleftheria Serghidou, Vasilis Pashiourtides


Eleftheria Serghidou Vasilis Pashiourtides