The Memorial has several invisible “levels”.
Firstly, it is an abstract part of the concentration camp with smokestacks and specific atmosphere and combination of symbols and signs.
The names of the victims and quotes of survivors are written all over the Memorial.

Secondly, the Memorial has “pipes” (reflection spaces):
1. Facing the ocean – LIFE
2. Facing the sky- HOPE
3. Facing the ground- SORROW
These spaces are supposed to cause the specific feeling of loneliness along with the hope.

The Memorial should remind that every day thousands of innocent people disappeared up the chimneys and in the ground …and the world said nothing! But people struggled for LIFE, for their DREAM.
“Jewish people always dreamed. That was part of their life, that was part of their Messiah to dream that some day they are going to be free…”


Malinin Alexander, Sheveleva Anastasia