Doublesingle Storey House is located in Grabowa in a beautiful area on the slope above the stream.
The goal was to design a building that meets the expectations of clients while preserving the unique naturalness of the surrounding. The idea of creating the doublesingle storey layout came of our willing to enable the residents freely enter and exit the building no matter where they are. It was also a very natural way of slope dedicated floor plan development. Shape and form of the house follow the sun path and site’s panorama in order to deliver clear interior view openings on the forest, meadow and the stream. We proposed aged and fawn wooden planks for the façades – the most often seen type of façade in rural architecture typical for this region. These would be obtained from disassembled local sheds. The simplicity of form resulting from smooth slope-house-slope transition, use of the raw building envelope and minimized environment interference are the major features of the Doublesingle Storey House.

room index
0.01 HALL 21,10 m2
0.02 WARDROBE 10,70 m2
0.03 WC 4,00 m2
0.04 STORAGE 19,80 m2
0.05 KITCHEN 25,70 m2
0.06 PANTRY 1,70 m2
0.07 LIVING ROOM 51,40 m2
0.08 GARAGE 29,70 m2

1.01 COMMUNICATION 34,80 m2
1.02 STUDIO 26,40 m2
1.03 BEDROOM 1 19,30 m2
1.04 BEDROOM 2 15,00 m2
1.05 BATHROOM 7,90 m2
1.06 BEDROOM WARDROBE 12,90 m2
1.07 BEDROOM 16,10 m2
1.08 BATHROOM 11,30 m2
TOTAL..................................................307,80 m2



in progress / 2010-2011

Poland, Grabowa / 3 ha

307,8 m2

1:50 model
internship students / Karolina Wlodarczyk & Agnieszka Herman


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