An old derelict farmhouse near the centre of Rotterdam, came on the market as a building site. Van Leer recognized the quality of the existing building and designed a plan to restore the old building, including an expansion that would bring back the original volume of the house. De rear part of the farm had collapsed in the 1950’s.
The old house has been given a new foundation and has been restored. On the front the building hasn’t changed, but behind the old building is an extension in radical new materials. On the inside and the outside materials have been chosen that have the same rustic quality and color tones as the original building bit are al in contrast: the old building is masonry, painted wood and roof tiles, the new part is untreated wood, slate and steel.
The extension is covered with an open wood cladding, the cladding is continued on the windows in the form of shutters with the same wood and the same rhythm, thus rendering an abstract continuous form. The extension is a “shadow” of the old building.



G.J. van Leer

Nooitgedacht by architectenbureau dit in Netherlands won the WA Award Cycle 8. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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