The government medical (teaching) hospital and college campus at Baramati district in Maharashtra, is designed with the aim ‘to bring hope and provide affordable healthcare with a soft healing touch’ to people in and around the district. With increasing focus on health and well-being post-COVID, the design provides state-of-the-art facilities, with innovative working, learning, and treatment techniques, across multiple disciplines and specialties.

Located on an extensive corner site, the built environment of the campus is resolved into constituent blocks which fan out symmetrically around a diagonal axis, allowing for efficient circulation and clearly defined entry-exit points. An expansive arrival lobby under a sky-lit atrium, is the waiting zone, and connecting space between the two wings of the hospital. Skylight floods the space with natural daylight, while clearstory ventilators efficiently expel warm air, ensuring a naturally cool and comfortable ambiance. From here, the medical college building is accessed through a passage across the verdant central plaza at the heart of the campus. The college building comprises of symmetrical wings connected by a monumental bridge that extends from the central library and auditorium block. This central hub also boasts of a terraced amphitheater at its zenith, ideal for hosting large gatherings and outdoor events.

Over twenty-five departments within the hospital block seamlessly integrate with their counterparts in the college block across the central plaza, fostering a cohesive medical education and treatment process. Equipped with multiple libraries, state-of-the-art laboratories and medical equipment, the facility adheres to global standards. Flexible planning modules optimize space utilization, while the implementation of modern technology such as BIM ensures integrated solutions, effectively reducing operational costs. Residential clusters for doctors, nurses, staff, and students flank both sides of the campus, ensuring convenience and accessibility. The facilities for paramedical, diagnostic, medical, surgical, and specialized procedures, ensure seamless flow for patients, doctors, staff, and materials.

A landscape of native trees and bushes interspersed by water features adorns the campus. Light wells and courtyards are positioned to promote well-being and comfort, contributing to positive patient outcomes. Green open spaces weave around the built spaces, offering patients, relatives, doctors, nurses, and staff a tranquil connection to nature, fostering hope and healing. Pedestrian-friendly circulation is prioritized through the segregation of vehicular and walkable zones.

Sustainability is ensured through various design interventions. The integration of solar panels and building-integrated photovoltaic systems, low-e glass, heat-resistant tiles, and movable sun-protective fins enhance energy efficiency. Recycled water usage, rainwater harvesting, and efficient irrigation systems reduce water consumption. Plumbing fixtures minimize wastage, daylight sensors optimize lighting, and openable windows enhance ventilation. Facade sun-shading and roof gardens further contribute to energy efficiency and comfort. Materials were carefully selected based on their sustainability and recyclability, reflecting a commitment to minimizing the project's environmental footprint. This includes green concrete, fly-ash lightweight insulated blocks, and natural stone flooring. The campus massing follows a passive design strategy, and is scaled down to minimize visual impact and blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment.



Site Area : 23 Acres

Built Area : 12,50,000 ft2

Hospital Beds / College Admissions: 500 Beds / 100 Admissions

Green Rating : GRIHA 3 Start or Above

Program / Use / Building Function: Healthcare, Education, Mixed Use Integrated Campus including Laboratories (Science & Technology)

Client : Directorate of Medical Education & Research, Government of Maharashtra, acting through the Executive Engineer, Public Works (East) Division Pune

Firms / Companies:
Architecture Firm - INI Design Studio
Interior Designer - INI Design Studio
Landscape Consultant - INI Design Studio
Structural Consultant - DUCON Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
College & Hospital Civil - M/s Harsh Construction
Hostels & Quarters Civil - M/s Shubham Construction
Interior Work Customised Furniture (College Hospital) - M/s Omkar Construction
Interior Work Modular Furniture - GEM's Portal
External Development - M/s Harsh Construction
Road Work - M/s VHK Construction
Electrical Consultants - M/s Vcube Engineering Pvt. Ltd, M/s Kamalachandra Electricals
Lift, Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm System, ELV (CCTV, DATA, Telephone, Acess Control BMS) - M/s L&T
HVAC Consultants - M/s Vcube Engineering Pvt. Ltd, M/s Bluestar
Pump and Equipment Hydropneumatic, External Electrical - M/s Vcube Engineering Pvt. Ltd
GRIHA & Environmental Clearence - Vke environmental
Medical Equipment - Work orders released by Haffkine

Jayesh Hariyani, Nikul Shah, Harsh Goel, Adnan Goga, Mudassar Shaikh, Amey Wadegaonkar, Shweta Mahajan, Vinit Nair, Gaurang Joshi, Pradip Sheth, Parth Joshi, Nirav Shah, Amit Mehta, Vivek Kulkarni


Karan Gajjar