"Martn Dwellings" is an innovative and forward-thinking residential development poised to grace the vibrant landscape of Tokyo's Bunkyo city. As a meticulously planned project, it aims to redefine urban living by seamlessly integrating residential, social, and commercial components to offer residents a holistic lifestyle experience. This visionary endeavor encompasses a myriad of meticulously designed spaces, each meticulously curated to foster a sense of community, connectivity, and well-being among its inhabitants.

At the heart of "Martn Dwellings" lies its residential precincts, meticulously crafted to harmonize functionality with aesthetics. These contemporary living spaces boast expansive interiors, thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and convenience. Large windows flood the interiors with natural light, creating a serene and inviting ambiance that enhances the overall living experience. Ergonomic layouts optimize space utilization, ensuring that every corner of the home is both practical and visually pleasing.

Beyond the confines of individual dwellings, "Martn Dwellings" offers an array of vibrant social spaces designed to cultivate interaction and foster a sense of belonging. From multipurpose halls where residents can gather for community events and celebrations to state-of-the-art sports facilities catering to fitness enthusiasts, every amenity is meticulously tailored to cater to the diverse needs and interests of residents. Children's play areas provide a safe and stimulating environment for young ones to explore and socialize, while relaxation spots offer tranquil retreats for residents to unwind and recharge amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life.

In addition to its residential and social components, "Martn Dwellings" boasts an extra market area that serves as a vibrant hub for local commerce and community engagement. Here, residents can browse a diverse array of locally sourced products and services, supporting the growth of the local economy while satisfying their daily needs and preferences. This bustling marketplace not only adds convenience to residents' lives but also fosters a sense of connection and pride in the vibrant tapestry of local culture and commerce.

As a testament to its commitment to sustainability and community-centric living, the "Martn Dwellings" project prioritizes eco-friendly design principles and practices. From energy-efficient building materials to green spaces that promote biodiversity and well-being, every aspect of the development is carefully considered to minimize environmental impact and enhance quality of life for residents. By embracing sustainable living practices and fostering a strong sense of community, "Martn Dwellings" seeks to not only meet the needs of modern urban dwellers but also enrich the fabric of the Bunkyo neighborhood in Tokyo, creating a lasting legacy of innovation, inclusivity, and vitality for generations to come.


Mart'n Dwelling Structure, Seismic Isolators, and Technical Floors: The Martn Dwelling project features a reinforced concrete structure known as "Martn Dwelling," equipped with seismic isolators to provide protection against Tokyo's high earthquake risk. These isolators work by isolating the building from ground vibrations during earthquakes, thereby enhancing stability and ensuring resident safety. Additionally, the Martn Dwelling design includes two technical floors: the first technical floor housing essential machinery rooms and technical equipment for building operations, while the second technical floor is dedicated to security systems and fire suppression equipment. Constructed in compliance with Japanese building codes and seismic safety standards, Martn Dwelling undergoes continuous structural integrity monitoring and maintenance, bolstering its resilience to earthquakes and ensuring the safety of its residents.

Designer Architect: Merve Örke
Supervisor Architects: Dr. Can Gündüz Assistant Professor, İsmet Emre Usta Research Assistant

Mart'n Dwellings by Merve Örke in Japan won the WA Award Cycle 47. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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