Redesigning and restoring historical houses in Mashhad and converting them into cafes or restaurants presents a great opportunity to preserve and revive the cultural and historical values of the city. These projects can serve as an excellent example of blending cultural heritage with architectural creativity and contribute to attracting tourists and enhancing the city's appeal.

The following steps can be taken for redesigning and restoring historical houses into cafes or restaurants:

1. Assessment of the house's condition: Initially, the current condition of the historical house needs to be evaluated to identify any problems and weaknesses. This assessment includes examining the structure, building materials, history, and cultural values of the house.

2. Design and planning: Based on the information gathered from the assessment, redesign plans to convert the house into a cafe or restaurant are prepared. In this stage, the role of architects and interior designers is crucial in providing a suitable and attractive design for the house.

3. Restoration and reconstruction: After preparing the necessary plans, restoration and reconstruction activities are carried out according to heritage preservation standards. This includes strengthening the structure, necessary repairs, and reconstruction using traditional and appropriate materials.

4. Interior design and decoration: Interior designers play a significant role in creating an appealing and pleasant space for the cafe or restaurant. They must provide a suitable decoration design considering the style and cultural values of the house.

Redesigning and restoring historical houses into cafes or restaurants play a significant role in preserving the city's cultural heritage, attracting tourists, and developing the tourism industry.
This project successfully redesigned and converted into a cafe or restaurant within 4 months, after reviewing the available documents, conducting site visits, and assessments.


Location: Iran, Mashhad
Area: 806 Square meters
Type: Ancient monuments/ Registered with the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization
Status: Designed

Student: fahime tafakori (Master Student Of Interior Architecture, Ferdows Institute Of Higher Education, Mashhad, Iran)
Supervisor: Dr.Iman mirshojaean(Assistant Professor, Department Of Architecture, Ferdows Higher Education Institute, Mashhad, Iran)


Fahime Tafakori

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