Galata Pier, situated at one of the most critical points of Istanbul, has been a sea gate of the city for centuries.

The Galataport Project is the transformation Project of the 1,5 km coastline of the Turkish Maritime Operations and the buildings located within this zone: 100,000 m² open area and 151.665 m² construction area.

Besides renovation and reinforcement of the historical buildings, betterment and beautification of the environment is envisaged by adding various social functions to these buildings; rehabilitation of Tophane Square and creating a modern museum have been the main objectives of the project.

Istanbul Modern, which is transformed from warehouse building 4 that had been abandoned, is the first seed of Galataport urban transformation project. The museum is considered as an extension of the public area.

Regarding the architectural criteria of the building;

Minimum interference has been the architectural approach; the warehouse block has maintained its structural essence, simplicity is preferred to put the emphasis on the exhibited artwork to stand out.

The walls of the exhibition halls are white and the rest of the building is colored gray, which creates a stable atmosphere so that the building is not dominating the exhibited works.

The main exhibition area is at the first floor with white exhibition walls, ending at 60 degrees, and adjacent columns ensure alternative tracks to the viewer; in order that exhibition comfort is provided.

Educational ateliers, meeting rooms, museum shop, and additionally a restaurant decorated with modernized Ottoman motifs are integrated at the first floor.

The basement floor is designed for temporary exhibitions, library, photography exhibition, press zone, theatre and offices.

Transparent glass partitions provide continuity between spaces. Instead of a closed museum box, interior spaces, exposed to the background view of the open-air museum city of Istanbul through wide glass openings, which keep the natural light under maximum control, offer various moods in line with changing atmosphere conditions. Interaction between the visitors, surroundings, exhibited work and the building is aimed to be highest.

The museum is the first modern museum of the country; in about one year, more then 500 000 people visited the site. Beyond its capacity of being a center of arts and culture, Istanbul Modern became a meeting point for the citizens. Especially students and young people are the frequent guests of the facilities.

This very precious part of the Bosphorus gains a contemporary identity and the museum itself and its side facilities contribute a new aesthetic value to the city.

The zone around the Museum progressively transforms into a cultural-art-activity spot by integrating with the sea and the environs.

Being situated by the sea, the new configuration also encourages sea transportation as an alternative to hectic road traffic.

In the context of building up, preserving and generating culture, modern art museums are vital all over the world. As a dynamic stage of contemporary Turkey, Istanbul Modern aims to foster and present diverse social, cultural and artistic productions with the integral participation of public.

Construction Area : 8000 m²




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