Silhouette Istanbul - Zorlu Center

ERA Planning Architecture Consulting Co.Ltd. has been selected finalist in an invited international competition.

The project is one of the rare mix-use programs in Turkey of this scale.

The program had 550.000 sqm including residential, offices, service apartments, two hotels, shopping center and cultural activities, 5000 cars underground parking.

Looking towards Bosphorus the site has a great location over the city surrounded by highway traffic at the beginning of Buyukdere Avenue - CBD area.

The project`s guideline is to shape a new silhouette for Istanbul with iconic attitude but at the same time building setup which takes its origins from the city itself{topography, surroundings, colors of Bosphorus landscape, urban fabric,etc...

Our approach was :

to look for a horizontally developped building created with an iconic value for Istanbul, which manifests against the CBD of Istanbul, to those redundant highrise building type,

to keep as much as possible the green by creation of open, semi-open and closed green and activity areas,

to look for a dialogue between the building and the city by respecting the Bosphorus skyline,

to create a street and garden network inside the building on top with a microclimate, neighborhood organisation inside, openings towards the city on internal semi-public gardens, ...



Silhouette Istanbul - Zorlu Center by Ali Hızıroğlu in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 2. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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