The area previously used as a public square was fully occupied up with police and tourism information desks, a decorative fountain, electric poles and telephone cables. The first act has been getting rid of all this excess. The area which was stationed below the road level has been hightened to the same elevation and was covered with a uniform material {hammered white Mugla marble} and an ‘empty’ platform was created.

A branch from the coastal pedestrian path, previously detached from the square has been redirected towards the street. Marble seating blocks were designed on the square and the areas with these blocks have been forested. The stairs in the square facing the coastline have been covered with wood, creating a massive bench housing upto 200 people. This way the square has been turned into a public space for people to gather together and rest, or for children to ride their bikes and enjoy the sun any time in the day.

Water was used as an element that could attract people’s interest and pep up the daily atmosphere throughout the square. With the fountainless water jets, a direct relationship between water and the people was established.



Republic Square, Datça by Can Kaya in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 4. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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