Its an open, clear and structurally dynamic form in a contrasting red color that explores the possibility of motion in the environment, in witch this kind of exploration is needed; at the same time the movement itself is present as a natural environmental process. The idea represents a blooming of a frame though five different phases, a somewhat Calderian approach. This dynamic sculpture with its form stimulates interest by pedestrians and invites them to pass trough.



Sculpture is made out of five strips, that are 1m wide and are made out of steel beams. Whole sculpture is covered with modular facade system. Some surfaces on inner side ware left empty and function as a lightning surfaces, that underline the overall concept. Lights are automatised and are turd on or of with other lights in park. Fundations are made out of tree 2 m wide concrete plates. Overall size of sculpture is 5 x 5x 5 m.

Rok Grdisa


peter Mihelic