Sham Shui Po is a Tradition area where Old met the New, the Politic met the local need, harmony met with the provokative development and city pace. My idea is to capture the scenario of the city and plot it as the theme of my design. I would rather showing the contradiction of the city within a city. The design is been denoted by a 20 fet high rise tower and lead to the inner circulation where audience can explore and realize they are in a city of a city.

Fashion in Hong Kong is considered a side business, most of the fashion we have or video we see are from outside of the country, imported from Europe of America. Fashion has been manipulated by the local money maker as a brand of prestiage, it violate the basic of fashion which originally to cover a naked human being. My design inherit the idea of covering, using a similar onject container representing human being. I want to demonstrated the concept of SKELETON AND SKIN, I would love to explore the possibility of skeleton without skin, as a design for construction. the skin is merely a tertery element which can be eliminated from a rigid frame. So the skeleton itself makes unique rigid form. WHich give many variety to the skin to demonstrate idea or minds. It becomes a screen of the TV displaying instead of consealing information in within the space.

I would like to introduce my design to relink the relationship betwen existing blazard with designer, in a way it helps fixing the por business and introduce the space to open public, it also help the community in understanding fashion.


Location: Hong Kong, Sham Shui Po bazaar
Design: Muesum, adaptive reuse
Living Density: 500 ppsm
Site Coverage: approx. 1340 sq m
Plot Ratio: 6
Open Area / Greenry Coverage: 45%

Hon Wong

mini city by Hon Wong in Hong Kong won the WA Award Cycle 19. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Hon Wong