The project has as principle objective the increase in density (from 115ab/ha current to 220 inhabitants / ha) and at the same time the creation of comfortable urban spaces.
An huge underground parking, accessible from many ramps put on the edges of the area, has been designed to pedestrianize the entire city block. Anyway, the area is accessible by emergency vehicles.
The project maintains the main characteristics of this place like the green areas, the historical memory and the feeling of peace.
Three poles of attraction as the Episcopate building, the new wooden tower and the new kinder garden, are located to the three edges of the area.
The urban system is generated by a two-dimensional grid (5,75m x 5,75m) that overlaps to the emerging ancient ruins of the city: the monastery and the wall of the fortress.
The Northern and Western edges are very closed thanks to the tall existing buildings and to a new office building, that has been aligned to these for define the new big Episcopate square.
On the contrary the other two edges are more permeable and in direct contact with the new five inner squares.
A wide and corrugated green park, with tall trees, goes through the entire site. Passing through the central squares, it connects the new wooden tower with the Southern green boulevard.
The five squares are urban spaces and suitable for walking and for staying. In fact they are equipped, in the ground floor of the residential houses, of small cafés, restaurants and shops.
Every square has its own peculiarity thanks by the presence of plants, water, benches and kiosks. All the entrances to the apartments are controlled.
The houses are three-four storey floors over the commercial ground floor . Four typologies are present into the blocks (50mq, 83mq, 106mq, 129mq) to ensure more offer.
The project also includes involves: directional functions 4700sqm, commercial functions 7300sqm and a kindergarten 1000sqm.


Arch. F. Ominetti

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION FOR THE DESIGN OF AN URBAN BLOCK IN THE HISTORICAL CENTRE OF BELGOROD by DELISABATINI architetti DELISABATINI architetti in Russia won the WA Award Cycle 19. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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