A temporary space where sculpture and architecture come together consists on creating a semitransparent space using symbolic elements.
Now a days NY city, Ground Zero is an area in a transformation process and change, different temporary structures can be seen: cranes, fences, trucks. The proposal consists on using a temporary element for the reconstruction of Ground zero : the crane, giving it a new reading, transforming it into a supporting element for the space.
The project is inspired, on one hand, by the most traditional shelter in America: the tipi, a conical tent used by the nomadic tribes and sedentary tribal Native American. And on the other hand, its structure is inspired by the cable structure from the most symbolic NY suspension bridge: the Brooklyn bridge.
This two elements: the crane and the cone sewing shelter, will create a semi transparent space that will be generated through the light. A space delimited by multiple white cordages that, throughout the day, will vary through the different light reflections. A symbolic space, as a passable vertical sculpture, that consists on sewing the space to the supporting element through an artisan process, creating a vertical woven textile where the inner and the outer will be diluted suggesting the space and dialoguing with the nature.



The white Maritime Cordage, is a material which expresses the geographic and historic importance of NY, as a place with a close link with nautical and sea navigation, Ny as a place of encounters, travels, trips, and routes, beginning and destine.

x-studio : : Ivan Juarez


x-studio Ivan Juarez