Croatia is a mediterranean country. Most of the area is situated along the sea and with subtropic climate offers perfect place for living. That makes Croatia one of the most popular summer destination in Europe. Thousands of tourists visit this country every year. They have two main possibilities how to reach their favorite place for a vacation. People who have already booked hotel or know exact destination use highway, which was built several years ago, but great amount of visitors prefer road along the sea where they can pick up a place according to actual situation or mood. This road traces rocky coast and provides beautiful views of the sea and breathtaking mountains sceneries on the other side. That is brief but significant description of landscape where the plot is located.

The site is situated several kilometers north of Orasac (close to Dubrovnik-South Croatia). Southern border of the site is created by a pavement along previously described road. The rest of the site is surrounded by a rocky landscape, especially northern border defined by the extremely steep slope. Western view of the sea is hidden as well by the rocks.

The crucial point of design was to find a solution which would allow to open the house to the beautiful landscape with keeping enough privacy and protection against noise from the road.

The heart of the house, which is a social space, is situated as far as possible from the road and placed on a naturally sloping terrain. It allows to connect an interior to the nature around and provides beautiful view of the sea because traffic is almost one level lower than ground floor. First floor (private spaces) is placed as a simple box which is open to the west and framing sea view over the rocks. First floor has an absolutely opposite logic than ground floor which is defined only by three simple walls running out from the heart of the house.


Ales Javurek


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