Modern Fish Market is located on a plot of 2.84 acres abutting Tajpur road in Ludhiana. This is the first such fish market in Punjab which has been established as a pilot project with financial assistance from the National Fisheries Development Board and the Punjab Mandi Board. It is envisaged that many more such markets shall be developed in the state in coming years. The purpose of development of such a market is to provide neat and hygienic environment to customers as well as fish retailers and wholesalers who have been operating from dingy and unorganized areas earlier.
The campus layout provides for a fully covered wholesale and retail market, water works, effluent treatment plant, toilet blocks, septic tank and weigh bridge. Two entries and exits have been provided for easy flow of traffic and to avoid bottle necks in the campus. Sufficient parking space has been provided for customers, retailers and wholesalers.
The main block of wholesale and retail market has a T-shaped plan. The small flange facing north-east accommodates retail market. The longer flange perpendicular to the retail market accommodates wholesale market. Both these blocks have been planned under one roof and are well integrated for easy flow of movement inside the market.
The wholesale market has 30 shops, chilling room and flake ice store. These shops have been arranged in two parallel rows with 10-foot wide unloading platform on outside and 12-foot wide display platform on inner side. 18-foot wide pedestrian circulation spines run in between two blocks. Each shop is designed as a double -height with a mezzanine office space in part of it. These shops are constructed in RCC frame with brick in-fill walls. The space in between two rows of wholesale shops accommodating display platforms and circulation areas has been covered from top with pre-engineered steel roofing. This slanting roof has been lifted above the terraces of the shops making way for clerestories which provide requisite light and ventilation in the central portion. In addition polycarbonate-sheet skylights have been provided in the metal roofing.
The display-cum-circulation area in between two rows of shops is the hub of the market. Here the retailers and general customers can walk freely and see/inspect the displayed fish before making purchases. Being fully covered and enclosed area, it is well protected from the vagaries of weather and dust. To maintain hygienic conditions inside the market no public toilet has been provided in it, instead two toilet blocks have been provided outside the main block.
The retail market placed perpendicular to the wholesale market is a double-storied block. The ground floor accommodates 16 retail shops which are smaller than wholesale shops. A 13-foot wide central corridor provides access to these shops. It is envisaged that retailers can buy and bring fish from the adjoining wholesale market quite conveniently. Separate entrance has been provided for general customers who can park their vehicles in the assigned parking lot in front of the retail market. At first floor level of the retail market there are administrative offices, conference hall besides rest rooms for workers in the form of dormitories. The workers’ rest areas and offices are accessible by separate staircases placed at the ends.
The design of the fish market incorporates salient features of architect’s design philosophy like strict geometric order, symmetry, and clarity in structural systems and services, use of contemporary materials and technology besides modern approach to the design.