The Client an Indian Government and The Indian Ministry
of Science,The Interested and Build New Iconic architecture
at Kerala state , The Expansion of The Future Innovation
Cloning Technology center Project on 2025 , This mean
that the most advanced science centers in the world and
The Asia Pacific region.
The Big bubble or Úball eyes of 80,000 m2.( Symbolic of Imax sponsorship ) dome is a new iconic
of the innovation building on Kerala state site of India, This Project can be dynamic link between
to The Big Cloud 2025 of the mixed use building on the Arabian sea landmark , The Cloning
Bubble center has 6 storey of The Cloning Science Exhibition , Library and the top of Imax 4D-
Thearter sky dome, Restaurant bookshop of 20,000 Sq.m.,



proposal conceptual future architect design 2025

Mr.Bomm Sriharat K. and IID_Teams



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