A very simple architectonic program, adapted to the space characteristics, was set out in a 1,000 sq m area. The confidence of the clients in the project was transformed in a central square area for the operative zone with the private offices located close to the facades with windows.

The services section works like a screen to increase the privacy of the direction area, this section contains the assistants, site and storage areas. Next to the building elevators, the visitor’s areas were located: training, showroom, meeting and reception halls, resulting in a functional and flexible space with a vitality contagious atmosphere.

For the color palette 14 different shades of gray –both cold and warm- were selected and combined with accents in cadmium yellow, silver and white. Any suspicion caused by the selection of gray, as the central element of the palette, was minimized with the lineal pattern chosen for the carpets that elegantly combines with the woodwork in American oak colored in rat gray and plastic laminates in both gray and white.



Design company: usoarquitectura
Designers names: Gabriel Salazar y Fernando Castañón

Project name: Accesolab
Location: Mexico City
Project area: 1,000 sq m
Main materials: Drywall, glass, millwork and carpet tiles
Photography: Héctor Armando Herrera

Gabriel Salazar y Fernando Castañón


Hector Armando Herrera