The double storied building is a showcase of the architect’s cumulative theories of design and incorporates most of the salient features of his architecture such as, strict geometric order, symmetry, clarity in structural systems and services, use of contemporary materials and technology, emphasis on natural lighting and ventilation, less use of glass, user friendly architecture etc.

The porch, entrance hall, voluminous lobby at ground floor, and central circulation area at first floor have been creatively designed not only to serve the functional aspect but also to add grandeur and cheerfulness to the central core. A free standing helical staircase leading from ground floor to terrace acts as a beauty spot in the double height lobby.

The strict geometrical order in the arrangement of various spaces, structural components, services and other elements, eco the Kahnian architectonics. The plan of this building is also based on the principles of symmetry. Architect feels that the human mind-set is more receptive to symmetrical objects, as symmetry is encountered everywhere – in nature, engineering, arts and science.