How cool would be to grow up the buildings… We can’t. But we can cultivate plants. And we do. We raise flowers and small trees even in our apartments. To make outside air unnecessary we should have 20-25 trees per 1 human. So 100 people need 2000-2500 trees. The space for their existence should be at least 1875000 cubic m. If structure is sealed, it will need reserved water and reserved Oxygen in case of fire. Of course it should have an emergency exit. People have to eat, so there should be animals and gardens. It is possible to arrange blocks in two ways: vertically, horizontally or aslant on the ground. But I think that it should be free from buildings. So we can arrange blocks horizontal on the certain height, so they would not take any space on the ground and everyone would live on the same flour. We can make them mobile, so people could move their unit anytime. They’d have an opportunity to change the landscape. Their work would consist of taking care of the forest and growing the food. Explanation video: