Malwa College for girls is situated on a plot of about 20 acres abutting Chandigarh –Gidderbaha road. The campus is more than four decades old and comprises various components like a Senior Secondary School, a Degree College, a B.Ed College, athletic track and a commemorative park.
A recent addition in the college campus is Management College for girls. The new college block is located on a prominent location on the front side and adjacent to the Senior Secondary School. It has been constructed after demolishing an old single storied structure which had outlived its function.
The college block has been conceived as an ‘energy efficient building’. To achieve this objective the building is designed around a square central courtyard. An 11-feet wide corridor runs along this courtyard and gives access to various rooms planned along the periphery. The central courtyard serves many purposes. It acts as hub of all activities and provides light and ventilation in the core of the building. Punjab has a hot and arid as well as hot and humid climate for seven to eight months in a year. In response to this climate, the central court has been developed as an effective constituent of architecture which has stood the test of time remarkably well. It provides welcome shade in hot summers, ensures cross-ventilation and acts as lungs to facilitate the buildings’ breathing. The court is an ideal place for sit-out and protects the users from hot winds in summer and chilly winds in winters.
Conscious efforts have been made to bring in sufficient natural light in the interiors. Fenestrations have been judiciously located so that almost all the areas in the building get adequate natural light. Very deep areas, too far away from external windows have been avoided. Architect feels that the Sun is the source of all energy; one should be able to have a glimpse of sunshine outside while sitting inside. This way one remains cheerful throughout the day.
The three- storied building has been designed in RCC frame structure with brick in-fill walls. The structural components and services follow the simple grid-iron pattern in a Cartesian manner. Wet areas like toilets and pantries have been placed in corners. The services and structural components are vertically stacked on all floors for economy and structural stability.
The building had one main entrance and three side entrances. The main entrance has been made more inviting and conspicuous by a cantilevered porch which projects out on the approach road. Well controlled and regulated entry points together with introvert nature of the building help in maintaining a high standard of discipline which is prerequisite for such a college. Once the students enter the building they are cut off from the hustle bustle of the other wings in the campus. This block acts as a self sufficient and independent unit. Off course the students have to come out to share other recreational facilities of the campus like canteen/ student centre, play grounds etc.
The three storied compact block has been designed to accommodate entrance hall, reception, administrative offices and 7 class rooms at ground floor level. 10 class rooms, a workshop and a staff room have been placed at first floor level. Second floor accommodates 4 class rooms, 2 computer labs, a library, workshop and common room. One lift and two staircases have been provided for vertical circulation.