The 2 storey residence is located on top of a hill facing magnificant view. To respect the nature is the main design intention. Therefore the main aspects of the landscape ; rocks and the flower field infront of the residence are highly considered in the design process. The first level, which touches the landscape is the continuity of the stones of the cliff, by using not only its materilality but also the level differences. The brute concrete second level, which is the first level from behind, extends over the flower field and to the view.
The client wanted to rent the 2 levels seperately for certain periods therefore these 2 levels are designed wellconnected but also privacy is provided with seperate entrances from the same core. The planning is also flexibe for different type of users. The direction of the openings are organised in such a way that the building is protected from west sun but at the same time the vista is not blocked.



2 storey, Stone and brute concere.
200 m2

Erguvan Özgür Ünal,
Mahir Ünal


LIFANG render