“This country of 56.000 souls could act as Polar Emirates (…) New cities will raise from the ground, gathering thousands of foreign workers and giving Greenland an unique prosperity…”- Emmanuel Hussenet -
Global warming has a double side effect on frozen territories: it turns upside down local environments as it reveals unconsidered lands.
Greenlands massive glaciers represent 7% of the world’s fresh water resources and 177 billion tons of fresh water are turning into slush before vanishing in the sea every year… Nevertheless, these glaciers turning in icebergs could be considered as a sustainable motive force for Greenland economy by reactivating “white gold rush”. Far from science-fiction, iceberg shipping is an actual prospect: initiated in 1972 by the prince of Soudan Mohamed Al-Faisal, it is today on its way to be realized thanks to George Mougin in collaboration with Dassault System.
Thus, this project proposes an icebergs mass shipping supported by a constellation of ice-recycling trading posts along the west coast of Greenland. The “21st century Iceberg Trading Post” is a central rig system that mediates local market, iceberg transportation, price setting, harvesting deck and scientific facilities.
This diploma tries to anticipate next fresh water conflicts and depict an hypothetical Polar Eldorado that merges future Arctic zone dilemma in terms of resources, extreme latitudes living conditions and specific nature of these territories.



Wood structure morphing in extreme latitudes territories

Alexandre Braleret


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