The modern era is overwhelmed and fascinated by the intrusion of technological aspects in many sophisticated professions of education, medicine, Architecture and other diversified routes. Vitality of Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology is not negligible and its adaptability in every discipline desirably helps developing it manifolds. Thinking Contextually AI & IT must merge and amalgamate with the regional environment and requirements of a specific locality. This factor of contextual responsiveness in this regard can be achieved by figuring out the variation of possibilities for platform which acts as a trigger or initiating mechanism for such an activity to flourish in any environment. The infrastructure has to be accommodating for the multinationals in such a way that encouragement and incentives shall be evidently described for inviting and welcoming a diverse range of companies and firms to share their expertise and infrastructure inclusive of financial aspects. Firms like Google and IBM who are already doing business in our country shall be facilitated such that they are encouraged to invest with respect to logistics and infrastructural mechanism in addition to finances. Reputed firms such as Google focus on innovative methodologies and procedures specifically respecting the contextual system of a specific environment where they are working. Climatic/environmental tectonics is also addressed in such a mannerism that sustainable, energy efficient and clean green environment shall be the resultant factor. The approach of Google offices is multidimensional in a way that it has extrinsic and intrinsic approaches of design focus. The introvert spatial mechanism is of mere attention for them aiming towards a comfortable, refreshing, sustainable working atmosphere for the employees which helps improve their efficiency and innovative skills manifold.
Such an effort would be a milestone in translating technological principles amalgamating and merging with our context and would appreciate the young genius mind work and prosper in our own country rather increasing content of brain drain philosophy.



Design Statements:
. How to incorporate technology in Architectural spaces?
. How sustainabilty can be achieved while adopting technology to make an architectural spaces comfortable either for living or working