NOMAD SAUNA is part of the Nomad City / Aurora Observatory workshop Røssvatnet Lake, Norway.

Architecture is environmental art. The students were given a task to make a personal nomad shelter and collectively to build a movable Nomad Sauna on skies and an Aurora Observatory. Under the ice there were beautiful salmon related fishes - trout and arctic char. Local Knowledge was needed in order to get them up. The farmers around the lake were generous in helping the students and more than that curious to see if they could manage in the demanding Nordic winter conditions. For the course the survival was not enough - the students had to manage to construct in 1:1 scale and find beauty through their actions in the frozen environmen



Røssvatnet Lake, Varntresk community, Norway
2,4 m wide, 2,4 m long, 2,6 m high
Pine, ice, Jøtul stove

Participating universities:
Aalto University Environmental Art Master Program, Finland
Lund University Department of Sustainable Urban Design, Sweden
Madrid European University Department of Architecture, Spain
Bauhaus University Department of Fine Art, Germany
Université Libre de Bruxelles. Faculté darchitecture La Cambre -Horta, Belgium
Mosjøen College / Construction

Workshop leaders:
Marco Casagrande / Aalto University Environmental Art
Hans-Petter Bjørnådal / PIMP Post Industrial Meditation Platform
Jan Tyrpekl, Assistant / Liberec University Faculty of Architecture

Kindly supported by:
Sæterstad Gård
Varntresk Community
Hattfjelldal Munincipality


Marco Casagrande