Imagine a multi-dimensional resort where the finest aspects of life, unrivaled luxury and recreation, merge to create an opulent community which has never before existed, a complete development whose design focus is a contemporary and revolutionary way of life. The aim is to create a flexible, multi-purpose space, which is seamlessly integrated and caters to all needs. From the very first idea of how to create such a place, it became clear that the main concept was to design a visionary and revolutionary development. A development which would gather three main components let it be an office building, an educational building and a healthcare center for high end users additionally to the other uses in the overall master plan.
The environment and atmosphere of the resort are constantly evolving with the time of day and seasons passing, thus transforming the experience continually. More than just a sculptural object, the design intention of the community CENTRAL DISTRICT is about creating an inspiring atmosphere. The sensory experience of space is demonstrated in the play of shadows, the reflection of sunlight on the CENTRAL DISTRICT building, their glittering in the water pond, and the tranquility of the golf courses. The harmony created by these elements evokes a sense of vibrant playful architecture. An atmosphere where movement and space create architecture that is fluid and evolutionary.
If it is true that buildings are poetic yet rooted in logic and crafted though the creative process, then CENTRAL DISTRICT not only responds to the poetic composition of a development within a vibrant urban context, but also to the needs of the its inhabitants. CENTRAL DISTRICT is a place that is built upon a desire to be a part of this city, its country, its culture and its people. The resort is a fluid point in time that will morph and evolve as its environment does, giving Albania a new face to the world.

The project area will be developed in Darzeze e Re, Fier, Albania which is an emblematic city with great historical background, and 100 km from Tirana, Albania capital city, a city with a great mixture of religions, styles, and cultures. The area where CENTRAL DISTRICT will be developed is situated in an incredible natural enclave in the junction of the delta of the Vjosa River and the Mediterranean Sea. THE CENTRAL DISTRICT is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and has wonderful views both to the sea and the 3 future golf courses to be built.


USES Tourism Resort & Marina
LOCATION Darzeze e Re, Fier, Albania
PLOT SURFACE 503 hectars
USES Mixed Use - Office, Education, & Hospital in either branch

Rodriguez Pons & Partners - Marcello Rodriguez Pons


Rodriguez Pons - Partners