We ere invited to design a small scale milk bar kiosk which can be replicated island-wide as a prototype for the semi government milk manufacturing company MILCO Ltd. We responded by designing a simple lightweight mono pitched milk bar kiosk raised few feet above ground on stilts using a pallete of modern materials such as hot dipped galvanized steel frame, glass louvered windows, Zinc Aluminium wall cladding, timber worktops and floor desks, insulation sandwiched zinc aluminium roof cover etc.



Roof: Insulation sandwiched zinc aluminium roofing sheets
Floor Deck: Asian Oak Timber Deck
Frame Structure: Hot dipped Galvanized Steel Structural Frame
Building Envelope: Glass Louvers, Zinc Aluminium Cladding

Architects: Chinthaka Wickramage, Nileeka Senerath
Consultants: Chinthaka Wickramage Associates
Clients: MILCO Lanka (Pvt) Ltd


Nileeka Senerath