Species that mix, pigments that conform a great canvas in the city.

As a vegetal carpet, the project proposes the creation of a surface conformed by multiple vegetal modules. Fragments that integrate forming a great chromatic mosaic, where diverse varieties of flowers and plants dissolve conforming a canvas of multiple ranges, textures and scents.



The project is conformed by a grid of an area of 110 m2, conformed by 336 modules of 60x55cm, using 155 different varieties of flowers and plants of diverse colors and tonalities: from purple to blue, from pink to red passing through orange, yellow, and green ending in a darker brown.

MODULAR SYSTEM: system of geotextil culture
The modules are made by a cultivation modular system with dimensions of
0.55x0.60 cm and 3cms of thickness. The system is a plant crop that grow previously under a cultivation support formed by a soilbag made of agricultural geotextile, the soilbag is permeable to the water and photodegradable, which in its interior contains a substrate of cultivation adapted for the good growth of the plants

Made by Patricia Meneses within ex.studio
together with iván juárez

Colaborator: Claire Lavenir
Borja Quintana
Unai Álvarez

Greenhouse: Cooperativa Garaia

Organized by: Fundación Bilbao 700, Ayuntamiento de Bilbao
Curator: Artur Bossy