Inner forest consists on an approach to the natural environment of the Norwegian landscape in which the connection with the context constitutes the essence of the work. The piece emerges from the ground creating a new space, setting up a new a perception of the forest. Entering in to the piece, the perception of the landscape changes, visually blocking the forest, leading the glance above, where a fragment of the landscape frames the sky with its own vegetation.



Since its conception, the project process was closely joint to the surroundings that lodged it. Walking through the woods and collecting the material to create a handmade natural skin which varies in textures and in tones. A material that acquires a symbolic connotation. Seeds from where the forest is born and which return to dialogue in a new way with nature, defining the transformation cycle of the piece.

A project made by: Iván Juárez : : x-studio

with the collaboration of: Sandra García
Promotor: Nordic Artists Centre Dalsåsen, Noruega. Norwegian Ministry Of Culture
Arild H. Eriksen (Director) + Jasmina Bosnjak, (Coordinator)


Ivan Juarez x-studio