The aim of the IES ELGOIBAR BHI project (Elgoibar Institute of Machinery, Tools and Bodywork), located in the Industrial Sector of Albitxuri, is to define a building capable of housing training programmes in automation and machinery/tools. There is currently a high demand for these programmes among companies in the sector, which means that this project will be cutting-edge and provide a key point of reference in the area of Bajo Deba.

Bearing in mind the premise outlined above, the building makes the dual reality of its programme patently clear. On the one hand, there is a workshop, which aims to expand the available space that is free from vertical structural elements, provide resistant surfaces for heavy loads (facilitating the use of heavy, bulky machinery with very specific characteristics), and the possibility of internal movement and access for trucks. To do this, a wide span structure has been defined, eliminating pillars, and providing uniform illumination through sliding skylights.

On the other hand, it has been designed to be an educational building, aiming to create a public image and provide theory classrooms in accordance with the required standards. The teaching area includes classrooms, changing rooms and support services (secretary’s office, administration, library, multi-purpose room, departments, leisure facilities) spread over three floors.

The public point of access is provided by the triple-height entrance hall in the teaching area, illuminated through the large north-facing opening. It gives the building an emblematic character and makes it a point of reference within its industrial sector.



Authors: Miguel A. Alonso del Val, Rufino J. Hernández Minguillón, Álvaro Cerezo Ibarrondo. Collaborators: Víctor Ugarte, Iván Escalante, María Bascones, Amanda Indart, Adelaida Barreiro, Mikel Escajedo, Txema Goiri. Technical Architects: Michel Aldaz García-Mina, Ana Moral García, Garaitz López Arcarazo, Clara González Juanes. Engineering: Ingyser, Indotec. Developer: DEBEGESA y Dto. de Educación de Gobierno Vasco. Constructor: Antzibar, S.A. Project Date: Octubre de 2005. Completion Date: Febrero de 2009. Built Surface: 3,894 m2. Photographer: José Manuel Cutillas - Proyectar.