A new image, modern and timeless, was the guideline for the interior design of apartment Armoni. The goal was achieved by maintaining the existent areas and distribution, making small changes to the original project to transform it into a more functional and open space. The floor plan of the building is semicircular and some modifications had to be done to generate more regular spaces and a contemporary atmosphere with the adequate selection of elements.

The general result is a space where harmony is appreciated on first sight and with a great number of high quality details that give a uniform ambiance to the whole concept. The natural elements such as teakwood and the aged marble base for the chimney, combined with the back covered with black slab, are the perfect balance that together with the lighting, furniture and accessories reveal a modern concept in accord to today’s interior design trends.

ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea
Arq. Bernardo Lew Kirsch
Arq. José Lew Kirsch