By way of a gear perfect synchrony between the different departments of the new offices of the most awarded advertising agency in the world, draw circular geometries, squares and rectangles, interconnected according to the proximity necessary to make more efficient the collaborative processes, like a neuronal relationship of this brain behind the most spectacular accounts of brands and advertisers with a presence throughout the world.

Open work stations in a circle with a kernel for immediate meetings of boards of peloteo creativo glass boxes as meeting rooms and telephone booths, glass amphitheater to present the campaigns
are part of the spaces that meet the needs of interiors for the new offices at its headquarters in Mexico City.
The proposal for the new image of Ogilvy, is to take the essence of the space in the building leaving false columns and girders, and cell ceiling system that will solve the problems of acoustics and lighting, combined with the distribution of plant systems exposed.

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos