The client is the sales leader of footwear and accessories in Mexico. They have invited our firm to participate in an expansion and growth phase, by designing their new complex for exhibition and retail sales in the city of León, Guanajuato, Mexico. This city is located in the middle region of the Mexican Republic and very well known for the craftsmanship and production of footwear and leather goods. The client´s headquarters and distribution offices are also located in León.

The client is interested in the development of a commercial complex in a site of 91,389 square feet (8,490 square meters), located between the main avenues López Mateos and Paseo Jerez. Under the protection of a suspended roof canopy, the independent units will form the main structure of the complex and the different spaces necessary for the activities of what will be an important commercial facility for the inhabitants of León.

The façade was conceived as a series of irregular glass fronts with double height. Taking into consideration that the annual average temperature in León is around 18° and 22° C, the complex will have enough natural light and transparency, reducing in an important percentage the consumption of electricity. The interiors of the complex have been proposed as an open plan in order to achieve the most flexibility possible.
Landscaping is achieved by three important green areas. The first one will be located in the perimeter of the site, the second one in the parking lot, and the third one, a courtyard under the canopy. The courtyard will give the retail spaces second level a different approach, as both users and visitors may use it; and it will also help to reduce the heat conduction into the interior. The project also contemplates the collection and storage of rainwater for irrigation and other grey water services.

usoarquitectura / Gabriel Salazar y Fernando Castañón