Project description:

This house is located inside of the Lomas Country development in Mexico City that has an excellent golf course. It is situated in one of the areas with more economic growth in the last years, but the design allows maintaining the needed privacy to have security and tranquility for the residents. The site of the house is privileged and surrounded by a fantastic landscape.

The remodel project for this house was a big challenge that combined the integration of in and outdoors with important alterations to make a warmth and contemporary ambiance for the whole space. There was also a modification on the architectural program to add a bedroom. The original design had great windows that were left to make the most of the views and have natural light.

The main façade had important changes to give more privacy. Some elements were added to restrict the access inside the premises. The garage was modified with a T shape metal structure and a canopy also made in metal. Two columns made of archeological stone were also incorporated to have a geometrical composition in front of the large windows.

The main access has a corridor with a water mirror that runs towards the house and communicates vertically -with a window that was placed on the façade- to enhance the invitation to this peaceful space. The combination between elements and materials in the exterior resulted in the new image the house required and a perfect balance between harmony, sensibility and warmth.

The interior has generous double height spaces, which combined with the grand windows in both facades, give excellent natural light and views. The staircase leads to a bridge that separates the public and private areas. Towards one end of the bridge the main bedroom is located and to the other the rest of the bedrooms and a family room.

The finishes selected for the interiors keep the coherence with the combination of materials used in the exterior, as well as it attains excellent contrast in all the spaces. Materials such as marble, wood, glass and some metallic elements, stand out going around the splendid interiors of the house.

One of the most attractive spaces is the living-dining area. In the living room the double height and grand windows direct the view straight to the back garden and the lake. In this space the harmony was achieved with the perfect selection of colors for the walls, as well as the shades of wood and drape materials that is complemented with a precise lighting design. The space is divided by a chimney that frames the entrance to the dining room. The furniture was selected according to the activities done in this area and to highlight the contemporary atmosphere of the whole project.



Construction: 705 M2
Materials: Glass, wood, marble, archeological stone, wall paper and printed concrete.

Interior Design: ARCO Arquitectura Contemporanea

Arq. Bernardo Lew Kirsch
Arq. Jose Lew Kirsch

Associates: Arq. Oscar Sarabia
Arq. Jonathan Herrejon
Arq. Miguel Ocampo
Arq. Yuritza Gonzalez
Arq. Itzel Ortiz
Arq. Nahela Hinojosa
Arq. Gabriela Pineda
Arq. Guillermo Martinez
Arq. Federico Teista
Arq. Martha Tenopala
Beatriz Canuto