Apalachicola’s architectural identity is purely driven by function. The building forms are derived from its intended use and illustrates the constant change of economic status of the city. Because of the need for an adaptive building use that constantly changes with the economic status, it is important that the next era of architectural intervention in Apalachicola reflects the current economy driven patterns of the city. The proposal illustrated for the Apalachicola Maritime Museum is intended to serve the community as a public center for learning, making, and gathering. It is important to recognize that within the regional identity of Apalachicola, there is a clear contrast between fabric buildings and larger “monumental” scale buildings. The design of the Apalachicola Maritime Museum is anticipated to integrate these two typologies into one gateway building serving as a representation of the identity of the city.



Project Location: Apalachicola, Florida
Area: 51,200 sf (4,756.64 sqm)


Ryan Sheplak

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