The building is based on the concept of traditional Chinese Philosophy of respecting nature. It is located on the bank of Yanqi Lake where the landscape has the tremendous impact to the project. In such a sensitive context, it is the request from the context that we need a building with the quality of both present time and traditional oriental philosophy. The architecture concept is from the idea of oriental sunrise, emphasizing the integration of the nature and the landmark, meanwhile introducing the architecture language for hotel by using 20 vertical warps to show the idea of cooperation and harmony.
Structure design
The main structure system is the combination of the mixed structure system which utilizes concrete-filled tubular column together with steel beams, and the concrete core. The whole building is supported both vertically and horizontally from the concrete core with the steel structure beams inside. Combining the horizontal frames and vertical frames, a lantern shaped structure system not only can fulfill the structure requirement for earthquake and self load bearing, but also creates the sunrise profile of the building.
Within the same floor area, ellipse floor plate building can get extra 25% daylight comparing with normal single tower building. Four-layered Low-E glazing system is used in order to achieve both the lightness as well as decent indoor thermal comfort. The ventilation pipes, being installed inside the vertical bars on the facade, can conduct the fresh air through the perforated aluminum panels. The building has CCHP system that uses natural gas as the main energy source to provide power. The system can recycle the waste heat for hot water and pre-heat the air through heat exchanger, pushing the efficiency to 90%. It also replaces the air conditioner in summer to lower the power demands from the grid system.



Name: APEC hotel Beijing Sunrise Kempinski Hotel
Client: Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited
Location: Huairou, Beijing, China
Architect: Shanghai Huadu Architecture & Urban Planning Ltd.
Landscape design: Shanghai HDD Architecture & Urban Planning Ltd
Area: 84980m2
Year: 2014

Leading architect: Kuang Xiaoming, Zhang Haiao

APEC summit hotel Beijing Sunrise Kempinski Hotel by Hang Xu in China won the WA Award Cycle 20. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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