The design for the jewelry of Nacional Monte de Piedad in Santa Fe shopping center began with a series of questions that pointed out the following: improve the customer experience while visiting a pawnshop, compete with established jewelers in the mall and the balance between brand identity and commercial interior design project. All these revolving around a common goal: the customer.

The first impression for the customer is the shop facade of and to stand out from the surroundings a studied stone design was done to represent the soundness of the company.

Inside, the most important thing was that to make the procedure of the pawning of a jewel very discreet. The cabins for the appraisers stand out for its metallic vinyl wallpaper finish and they offer comfort to perform all operations without being seen inside the shop or outside by the mall walkers.

The biggest challenge was to coordinate all the facilities to be camouflaged in the plafond the smoke detectors, the air conditioning vents and even civil protection signaling.





Héctor Armando Herrera