Located in the outskirts of Nagpur city, in India, this Sports academy is developed by Indian Cricketer Umesh Yadav. The building had to be designed for Hot and dry climate, with extremely hot summers and cold winters.
The academy facilitates Multi-Sports facilities and their training. It also includes Entertainment and Amusement Park, Banqueting and Party Lawns, International School, to sustain the Sports academy financially.
All these activities are laid out in a fluid manner, keeping the orientation of the sports grounds and courts in response to the sun path i.e., tilted 15 degrees North-South.
The Fluid form, developed in an organic manner allows the spaces to open inwards as well as outwards creating break-out areas and a series of interactive spaces.
The fluidity of the form seen externally is carried through the interior volumes allowing the spaces to flow into each other seamlessly while each space is yet defined within.
The orientation of these spaces shields them from the harsh sun yet giving a good avenue to view sports activities.
The built-form emerges out from the land, encapsulating the sports activities. It is covered by grass, creating a unique undulating landscape over the entire site. The cut-outs given on the roof are creatively done which act like skylights to lit up the internal spaces.
Thus the design leads to a sustainable and green building which is much more energy efficient whilst creating sculpted spaces.



Spread over an area of around 48 acres, this Academy caters to Multiple Sports and Activities for revenue generation. The activities include the following: ENTARTICA (Sports-based Entertainment and amusement Park), Retail Areas, Banqueting and Party Lawns, Sports Academy, International School, Car Stockyard.

Principal Architect- Ali Abbasi
Project Team- Ashish Talekar, Devaki Kanade, Harshad Mane
3D Visualizers- Sunil Thokale, Ajay Sharma

UMESH YADAV SPORTS ACADEMY by Ali asgher Abbasi in India won the WA Award Cycle 23. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Aerial View

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