The project seeks to achieve cultural, economic and social values through the provision of adequate information about the importance of Wadi Mujib and the Reserve and through the support of the economy of the surrounding areas and the revitalization and revival of the region and provide job opportunities for them, introducing the tourists to the culture of the population and revitalize the tourist track the kings way and Tourism Promotion.

Objectives of the project:
Improve awareness about the beauty of nature and bio-diversity in the mujib reserve and provide integrated tourism programs for the reserve through provide an interpretation center, restaurant and a viewing platforms and shops to Supports local community and provide a ranger station

Awareness programs for the local community by the interpretation center for this kind of tourism, which respects the natural environment and to encourage the local community in the villages to invest in tourism projects, by encouraging them to pay attention to traditional industries and marketed to tourists

The project will Be overlooking both the valley and the Dam and be in a high place and works as a landmark insitu inferred by adventurers and tourists and Provide an interpretation center ,a restaurant ,panorama and platform view for the tourists the design will not make a negative effect to the environment and are suitable with the ocean



The hidden trail of wadi al -mujib by Mahmoud Al-sheikh in Jordan won the WA Award Cycle 23. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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